Removable Gooseneck Trailer

Explore our extensive range of Removable Gooseneck trailer, covering a wide range of sizes from 50 to 120 tonnes. Whichever model you need, Truckman Automobile offers reliable solutions for your most demanding transport needs.

Removable Gooseneck Trailer For Sale

Truckman Automobile’s Removable Gooseneck Trailer also known as RNG Trailer . It is an advanced trailer solution designed to meet a wide range of transport needs and is the most widely used type of trailer today. The most notable feature is the removable gooseneck design, which makes it easy to drive the equipment to be transported onto the deck. The trailer demonstrates outstanding load carrying capacity and excellent safety and stability in both industrial and agricultural applications.

How the detachable gooseneck trailer works

The removable gooseneck is a specially designed type of trailer construction, which is unique in that it has a removable gooseneck, with a runway attached to the trailer, which allows the front of the deck to touch the ground when the gooseneck is removed, creating a ramp for equipment to get on and off the trailer. Compared to the Lowboy trailer, the RNG trailer offers greater unloading flexibility. Efficient transport in different work scenarios is possible.

Key Features & Benefits

Flexible dismantling design: Adopting advanced dismantling technology, the trailer can be quickly dismantled and connected in different working scenarios, greatly enhancing transport flexibility.

High stability: the structure is calculated by precise engineering to ensure stability during transport, no matter on the highway or rugged mountain road, the trailer can maintain a stable driving state.

Strong carrying capacity: After rigorous engineering design and testing, the trailer has excellent carrying capacity, suitable for all cargo transport needs, including heavy equipment and bulky items.

Safety and security: Equipped with the advanced braking system, it ensures stability and safety in case of emergency braking, providing a reliable guarantee for the transport process.

Multi-functional application: Suitable for various scenarios, including industrial transport, agricultural use, etc. It flexibly responds to the transport needs of different industries and provides customers with all-round solutions.

Convenient Maintenance: Simple and practical design, the trailer’s routine maintenance and upkeep is very convenient, which reduces the operation cost and prolongs the service life.

Application industries

Industrial Transportation: In the field of industrial transport, the Removable Gooseneck Trailer’s flexible disassembly and dismantling design make it feasible to quickly switch between different locations such as factories and construction sites. This feature is especially important in situations where equipment and raw materials need to be deployed frequently, saving a lot of time and labor costs. At the same time, it can safely and stably complete the transport task and ensure the production progress.

Agricultural use: In the agricultural transport industry, Removable Gooseneck Trailer is also suitable for the transport of all kinds of agricultural products, whether it is grain, feed or fruits and vegetables, the trailer’s high carrying capacity can meet the needs of large quantities of goods transport. At the same time, for the handling of large agricultural equipment, such as harvesters, planters and other large machinery and equipment, the ordinary mode of transport is more difficult to cope with the transport situation, and the high stability and strong load-bearing capacity of this trailer can be very good to complete this kind of transport tasks, to ensure the safe/efficient transport of equipment.

High quality trailer service

Truckman Automobile, as a professional trailer manufacturer in China, has been designing and exporting trailers to more than 130 countries around the world. We offer a wide range of RNG trailers to meet your needs, with excellent flexibility, stability and load-carrying capacity to provide the ideal solution for the transport needs of various industries. The reliability of our trailers is ensured by our high quality manufacturing process and advanced technology to safeguard your business. Whether it’s industrial transport or agricultural applications, we’re committed to providing you with a trailer you can trust!

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