Low Bed Semi Trailer

Low Bed Semi Trailer refers to a type of trailer used in the transportation industry. It’s designed to carry heavy and oversized loads that may not fit within the height limitations of a standard trailer.

Low Bed Semi Trailer For Sale

Low Bed Semi Trailers, also known as Double Drop/Lowboy Trailers, is a type of semi-trailer designed for transporting extra tall, oversized equipment and cargo.

As a professional semi-trailer manufacturer, Truckman Automobile supplies many types of Low Bed Trailer with 2/3/4/5/6 axles. Meet the maximum load capacity of 100 tonnes.

Our Low Bed Semi Trailer is known for its low floor and long body. It has an excellent load-carrying capacity and can easily handle the demands of transporting extra high and heavy loads.

This type of semi-trailer is equipped with an adjustable suspension system that enables it to adjust the body height according to different loading needs, thus facilitating loading and unloading operations. It is more innovative and capable of accomplishing a variety of environment-specific transport.

Compared with general flatbed trailers, low-bed semi-trailers have significant load capacity and adaptability advantages.

Traditional flatbed trailers are mainly used for general cargo transport, such as timber, construction materials, containers, etc. On the other hand, low-bed semi-trailers are specially used for transporting equipment of greater height and weight, such as construction machinery, large industrial equipment, and construction materials. Their lower floor height allows them to easily pass through locations with height restrictions, such as bridges and tunnels.

Low Bed Trailer Advantages

  • Load-carrying capacity: The low-bed semi-trailer is famous for its excellent load-carrying capacity, which is especially suitable for the transport of extra-heavy goods and large equipment. Its structure and design are carefully optimised to stably carry high weights of cargo, providing reliability and safety for heavy transport.
  • Height of the base plate: This type of semi-trailer has a relatively low base plate, which is one of the important differences between it and other types of trailers. The low height of the floor plate gives the low floor semi-trailer a unique advantage when travelling through locations with height restrictions, such as bridges and tunnels, avoiding situations where the transport path is restricted due to height issues.
  • Adjustable suspension: Low floor semi-trailers are often equipped with an adjustable suspension system, which is an important innovation. This system allows the height of the body to be adjusted according to different loading requirements. Whether it is to accommodate different types of cargo or to cope with specific road conditions, adjustable suspension systems offer greater flexibility and adaptability.
The advantages of the low floor semi-trailer lie in its excellent load-carrying capacity, low floor height and adjustable suspension system. This makes it ideal for transporting extra-heavy, extra-high cargo and equipment. Whether in industry, construction or other sectors, low floor semi-trailers offer a reliable solution for the transport of demanding goods with their unique design and features.

Low Bed Trailer Application

Semi trailer low bed play a key role in a number of sectors and their suitability and functionality make them an integral part of the following:

1. construction industry:semi low bed trailer play a vital role in the construction sector. These semi trailers can easily transport a wide range of construction equipment, such as concrete mixers, cranes, large steel components, and so on. As construction equipment usually comes in different shapes and sizes, the adjustable floor height of Low Bed Trailer provides adaptability and ensures that the equipment is transported safely to the construction site.

2. Engineering:In the engineering field, low floor semi-trailers are often used to transport all kinds of heavy construction machinery, such as excavators, loaders, bulldozers and so on. These machines usually have large size and weight, and need a stable transport solution. The high load carrying capacity and low height of the floor plate of the low floor semi-trailer enable it to easily handle these challenges and ensure the safe transport of equipment.

3. Mining industry:In the mining industry, transporting heavy equipment and ores becomes one of the daily tasks. Low floor semi-trailers, through their high load carrying capacity and low floor height, are the ideal solution for transporting ores, mining trucks and other mining equipment. They are able to meet the challenges of the mining environment and ensure the safe delivery of goods.

Truckman Automobile: Innovative Low Bed Semi Trailer Design

Telescopic Floorboard Design

Truckman Automobile’s low-bed semi-trailers feature a never-before-seen telescopic floor design, which is centred on the goal of increasing transport adaptability and flexibility. With this design, Truckman Automobile has made it possible for the semi-trailer to automatically adjust the height of the body in different situations, depending on the type and characteristics of the goods being transported, thus enabling smarter and more efficient transport.

Increased Adaptability And Flexibility

The Truckman Automobile’s telescopic floor design allows the semi-trailer to maintain optimal transport conditions in different situations. Whether transporting low or high loads, Truckman’s semi-trailers are able to adjust the height of the floor plate to ensure that the load is transported securely and without height-related transport problems. This height adaptability allows Truckman’s low bed semi-trailers to excel in a wide variety of cargo transport requirements.

Unlocking New Transport Possibilities

With its innovative design, Truckman Automobile opens up new possibilities in the transport business. Whether it’s on construction sites, engineering projects or other areas, Truckman’s low-bed semi-trailers are able to flexibly adapt to challenges and changes in the transport process. This design provides customers with greater transport options while improving overall transport efficiency and safety.

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