Low Bed Semi Trailer

Low Bed Semi Trailer refers to a type of trailer used in the transportation industry. It’s designed to carry heavy and oversized loads that may not fit within the height limitations of a standard trailer.

Low Bed Semi Trailer For Sale

The Low Chassis Semi-Trailer, also known as a double drop/Lowboy Trailer, is a type of semi-trailer. It is designed to carry extra tall, oversized equipment and cargo. Their low chassis and high load capacity make these trailers vital. They are used in industries like construction, engineering, and heavy machinery transport.

Truckman Automobile is a specialist semi-trailer manufacturer. We offer a wide range of lowbed trailers with 2/3/4/5/6 axles. These trailers can carry up to 100 tons. Our low bed semi-trailers have low chassis and long bodies. These features give them excellent load-carrying capacity. They can easily transport extra high and heavy loads.

This semi-trailer has an adjustable suspension system. It can adjust its body height for different loading needs. This feature makes loading and unloading easier. This new feature makes it better at transportation tasks. It works in many specific environments.

Key Features & Specifications

Truckman’s low-bed semi-trailers have key features and specifications that set them apart from other types of trailers. These specs are made to carry heavy and oversized loads. They do so with stability and durability.

Payload Capacity: The payload capacity of a low-bed semi-trailer varies. It depends on its design and configuration. The common capacities range from 50 to 100 tons. However, some specialized models can carry even heavier loads. This high payload capacity is due to the strong chassis structure and reinforced components. They ensure the trailer can safely carry heavy machinery, equipment, or other large cargo.

Axle Configurations: Our Low Bed Trailers come in a variety of axle configurations. We offer 2, 3, and 4 axle configurations. The top seller is the 3-axle lowboy trailer, which can carry larger loads while remaining easy to maneuver.

Suspension Types: These trailers have various suspension types, including mechanical, air, and spring suspension. Mechanical suspensions are used for heavy-duty applications because they are simple and reliable. Air suspension provides a smoother ride and reduces stress on both the cargo and the trailer.

Floor Material: Trailer floors are typically made of high-strength steel with a tread plate pattern to enhance traction. This ensures durability and safety when loading and unloading heavy cargo.

Ramps: Low-bed semi-trailers usually have rear ramps for loading and unloading. These ramps can be mechanical or hydraulic. The type depends on user preference. They help with easy loading and unloading.

Master Pin: A standard 2-inch bolt-on master pin from reputable brands like JOST ensures the trailer is securely attached to the tow vehicle. It provides stability during transport.

Braking System: The WABCO braking system is common and provides reliable braking power. The system has many parts. These parts include relay valves, brake chambers, and air tanks. They make sure braking is safe and effective.

Landing Gear: Sturdy landing gear is needed to steady the trailer. This is important when parking, loading, or unloading cargo. It stops any unwanted movement and keeps things safe.

Truckman's low profile semi-trailers are designed to carry heavy and oversized loads.

Low Bed Semi Trailers vs. Standard Flatbed Trailers

Low bed semi-trailers offer several advantages over standard flatbed trailers. Low bed semi-trailers offer many advantages over standard flatbed trailers. They have more load capacity, height clearance, and stability. They also work well for many industrial applications. It is now an indispensable tool for industries that need to transport heavy and oversized loads. Here is a detailed comparison:

Load Capacity

Low Bed Semi Trailers: The truck is designed to carry heavy and oversized loads. It has a payload capacity ranging from 50 to 100 tons. Sometimes, specialized models can carry even more. The robust chassis and reinforced components ensure stability and durability under heavy loads.

Standard Flatbed Trailers: It is typically used for lighter, general cargo. It can carry up to 40 tons. They are more suited for transporting timber, construction materials, and containers.

FeatureLow Bed Semi TrailerStandard Flatbed Trailer
Payload Capacity50-100+ tonsUp to 40 tons
Chassis StrengthReinforced for heavy loadsStandard
Typical CargoHeavy machinery, large equipmentGeneral cargo like timber, containers

Height Clearance

Low Bed Semi Trailers: Their low deck height lets them carry taller loads. It lets them pass through areas with height restrictions, such as under bridges and through tunnels. This feature is crucial for moving construction machinery and industrial equipment. They exceed standard height limits.

Standard Flatbed Trailers: A higher deck height limits cargo height. This makes them unsuitable for oversized equipment. They often face restrictions in areas with low clearance.

FeatureLow Bed Semi TrailerStandard Flatbed Trailer
Deck HeightLowerHigher
Height ClearanceExcellent for tall loadsLimited
Suitable for Tall CargoYesNo


Low Bed Semi Trailers: The low center of gravity provides better stability for heavy and tall cargo. It reduces the risk of tipping over during transport. This makes them ideal for uneven or rugged terrains commonly found in construction and mining operations.

Standard Flatbed Trailers: A higher center of gravity can lead to less stability. This is especially true when carrying tall or uneven loads.

FeatureLow Bed Semi TrailerStandard Flatbed Trailer
Center of GravityLowHigh
StabilityHigh, suitable for heavy loadsModerate, less stable for tall loads


Low Bed Semi Trailers: Used extensively in construction, engineering, and mining industries. They transport equipment like bulldozers, cranes, large industrial machinery, and mining equipment. The adjustable suspension system adds to their versatility. It allows for easy loading and unloading of heavy cargo.

Standard Flatbed Trailers: Primarily used for general cargo transport, including lumber, construction materials, and containerized goods. They are versatile but limited in handling oversized and extremely heavy loads.

IndustryLow Bed Semi TrailerStandard Flatbed Trailer
ConstructionHeavy machinery, cranes, concrete mixersTimber, general construction materials
EngineeringLarge steel structures, heavy machineryPrefabricated components
MiningMining equipment, oresNot typically used
Customized low bed trailers accepted -Truckman Automobile

Customization Options

Truckman’s low-bed semi-trailers offer many ways to customize them. This customization can meet specific needs and boost performance. Here are the detailed customization options available:

Axle Configurations

2 Axle: It is suitable for lighter loads and where maneuverability is crucial. It is ideal for smaller construction projects and urban areas.

3 Axle: This is the most popular configuration. It balances load capacity and maneuverability. It is perfect for transporting general heavy equipment.

4 Axle and More: It is designed for very heavy loads. It provides extra stability and spreads weight. It is commonly used in large-scale construction, mining, and industry.

Suspension Types

Mechanical Suspension: It is known for its durability and simplicity. These traits make it ideal for heavy-duty uses with less required maintenance.

Air Suspension: It provides a smoother ride. This reduces stress on the cargo and the trailer. It also offers better control over load height on uneven surfaces.

Spring Suspension: It offers a middle ground between mechanical and air suspension. It provides good load support and a smoother ride.

Floor Material

High-Strength Steel: It is the standard option for durability and strength. It is suitable for most heavy cargo, providing excellent support and lasting a long time.

Aluminum: It’s a lighter alternative. It doesn’t compromise strength. It’s ideal for applications where cutting the trailer’s weight is a priority.

Custom Colors

Standard Paint Colors: Choose from a variety of standard colors to match your fleet or company branding.

Custom Paint Options: Available for those who require specific colors or unique designs to stand out.

Additional Features

Removable or Swing-Out Side Brackets: Make the trailer wider to fit wider loads. It can be easily removed or adjusted.

Toolboxes and Spare Tire Holders: Add convenience for operators, providing storage space for essential tools and spare tires.

Special Lighting and Safety Equipment: It includes options for more lights and reflective markings. It also has backup alarms and cameras. These options enhance safety.

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Low Bed Trailer Advantages

Load-carrying capacity: The low-bed semi-trailer is famous for its excellent load-carrying capacity, which is especially suitable for the transport of extra-heavy goods and large equipment. Its structure and design are carefully optimised to stably carry high weights of cargo, providing reliability and safety for heavy transport.

Height of the base plate: This type of semi-trailer has a relatively low base plate, which is one of the important differences between it and other types of trailers. The low height of the floor plate gives the low floor semi-trailer a unique advantage when travelling through locations with height restrictions, such as bridges and tunnels, avoiding situations where the transport path is restricted due to height issues.

Adjustable suspension: Low-floor semi-trailers are often equipped with an adjustable suspension system, which is an important innovation. This system allows the height of the body to be adjusted according to different loading requirements. Whether it is to accommodate different types of cargo or to cope with specific road conditions, adjustable suspension systems offer greater flexibility and adaptability.

The advantages of the low floor semi-trailer lie in its excellent load-carrying capacity, low floor height and adjustable suspension system. This makes it ideal for transporting extra-heavy, extra-high cargo and equipment. Whether in industry, construction or other sectors, low floor semi-trailers offer a reliable solution for the transport of demanding goods with their unique design and features.

Low Bed Trailer Application

Semi-trailer low beds play a key role in several sectors and their suitability and functionality make them an integral part of the following:

construction industry: semi-low bed trailers play a vital role in the construction sector. These semi-trailers can easily transport a wide range of construction equipment, such as concrete mixers, cranes, large steel components, and so on. As construction equipment usually comes in different shapes and sizes, the adjustable floor height of a bed Trailer provides adaptability and ensures that the equipment is transported safely to the construction site.

Engineering: In the engineering field, low-floor semi-trailers are often used to transport all kinds of heavy construction machinery, such as excavators, loaders, bulldozers, and so on. These machines usually have large size and weight and need a stable transport solution. The high load-carrying capacity and low height of the floor plate of the low-floor semi-trailer enable it to easily handle these challenges and ensure the safe transport of equipment.

Mining industry: In the mining industry, transporting heavy equipment and ores becomes one of the daily tasks. Low-floor semi-trailers, through their high load-carrying capacity and low floor height, are the ideal solution for transporting ores, mining trucks, and other mining equipment. They can meet the challenges of the mining environment and ensure the safe delivery of goods.

Truckman Automobile: Innovative Low Bed Semi Trailer Design

Telescopic Floorboard Design

Truckman Automobile’s low-bed semi-trailers feature a never-before-seen telescopic floor design, which is centred on the goal of increasing transport adaptability and flexibility. With this design, Truckman Automobile has made it possible for the semi-trailer to automatically adjust the height of the body in different situations, depending on the type and characteristics of the goods being transported, thus enabling smarter and more efficient transport.

Increased Adaptability And Flexibility

The Truckman Automobile’s telescopic floor design allows the semi-trailer to maintain optimal transport conditions in different situations. Whether transporting low or high loads, Truckman’s semi-trailers are able to adjust the height of the floor plate to ensure that the load is transported securely and without height-related transport problems. This height adaptability allows Truckman’s low bed semi-trailers to excel in a wide variety of cargo transport requirements.

Unlocking New Transport Possibilities

With its innovative design, Truckman Automobile opens up new possibilities in the transport business. Whether it’s on construction sites, engineering projects or other areas, Truckman’s low-bed semi-trailers are able to flexibly adapt to challenges and changes in the transport process. This design provides customers with greater transport options while improving overall transport efficiency and safety.


A low-bed trailer is used to transport heavy and oversized cargo. This includes construction equipment, large machinery, and other oversized goods. It has a low platform for easy loading and unloading of cargo and a low center of gravity for stability during transportation.

Low-bed semi-trailers typically hold 50 to 100 tons. The capacity depends on the model and configuration. Some specialized models can carry even heavier loads. The high load capacity is due to the trailer’s rugged construction and reinforced components.

Lowbed semi-trailers differ from other trailers in their design and use. They have a lower deck height. This allows for higher loads while keeping safe clearance. Unlike regular trailers, low and reinforced chassis allow them to transport heavy and oversized cargo.

Yes, low-bed semi-trailers can be customized to meet specific needs. Options for customization include various axle setups and suspension types. You can also choose from different paint colors and add extra features, like toolboxes, spare tires, and special lights. Some models offer removable or swing-out side brackets to increase the overall width of the trailer to carry more cargo. 

Truckman’s low-bed semi-trailers are made of strong materials. They have advanced suspension and braking systems. These design elements ensure durability, stability, and safety. They make the trailers reliable for moving heavy and oversized loads.

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