Container Flatbed Trailer

Container Flatbed Trailer For Sale

2 Axles Container flatbed trailer is a semi-trailer specially designed for transporting all kinds of containers, which has the characteristics of flexible transport, easy loading and unloading. Currently widely used in logistics, warehouses, construction, and other industries, with mature design and durable accessories, has won the unanimous approval of customers. Loading platform with 12 sets of container locks, suitable for transporting 2x20FT container, 1x40FT container, or 1x45FT container.

Container Flatbed Trailer for sale

Flatbed Trailer Specification

Detail Specification
Axle 2 axles, 2x16000kg, ZY brand
Tire 12R22.5, 8 pcs, TRIANGLE brand
Support Leg 28 tons, JOST brand
Kingpin 2 inch heavy duty, JOST brand
Brake System WABCO brand brake system
Suspension Mechanical leaf spring
Material Manganese steel
Container Lock 12 pcs
Loading Platform 3mm thickness
Dimension 12500x2500x1580mm

Flatbed Container Trailer Structure

Container flatbed trailers have a flatbed and elongated bed with a strong and I-type chassis. The chassis material is usually made of manganese steel, providing durability and load-bearing capacity. The trailer is typically equipped with a kingpin at the front to connect to a truck tractor. The main parts include the axle, tire, support leg, tractor pin, chassis, brake system electric system, etc parts.

Flatbed Container Trailer structures


The Container Trailers suspension usually has two models, air suspension and mechanical suspension. The air suspension is suitable for standard-weight cargo haulage and can save fuel consumption when empty loading. The mechanical suspension also called leaf spring suspension, it’s suitable for heavy-duty loading, low purchase, and maintenance costs. Axle quantity of container flatbed trailer according to the trailer loading capacity and local regulations.


Container Flatbed Trailer Additional Parts

Container flatbed trailers have many additional parts to assist in securing and transporting goods, like the rope tightener and hooks. These two parts are mainly used to secure general cargo to prevent it from falling during transport. And also can add the extra 1000L fuel tank, for long-distance and cross-border transport. Saves refueling time, improves vehicle mileage and transport efficiency, and brings more economic benefits to customers.

Container Flatbed Trailer Additional Parts

Container Trailers Shipment Picture

To save the freight cost and better protect the flatbed trailer, we can stack two or three container trailers on top of each other fix them with wire ropes, and finally cover them with waterproof tarpaulin. We can also use a 40HQ container to load two container trailers, the container can better protect the container flatbed trailer, and there will be no rust problem. However, the tail needs to be cut off, customers only need to use screws to connect it after receiving it, it will not affect the load capacity and use.

Flatbed Container Trailer Shipment Picture
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