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Unleash Seamless Cargo Mobility with our Container Semi Trailers. Elevate your freight transport game with our advanced trailers, designed for reliability and efficiency. Experience hassle-free container hauling like never before.

Container Semi Trailer For Sale

The Container Semi Trailer, one of Truckman Automobile’s main models for sale, is a type of semi-trailer designed to transport containers, which plays an important role in modern logistics.

With a special structural design, it can stably fix standard-sized containers on the trailer and realize efficient transportation of goods.

The design and manufacture of container semi-trailers pay more attention to efficiency and reliability to meet the increasing demand for logistics. Logistics transport can load and unload containers quickly and simply, thus reducing labor costs and improving transport efficiency.

These semi-trailers usually have a multi-axle design to ensure high stability and balance during transport. Provide a safe and reliable transport environment.


TRUCKMAN offers a full range of container trailers, container flatbed trailers/container side loading trailers/container hyperlink trailers/container skeleton trailers for your choice. If there is any customized requirement, please feel free to contact us!

Container Flatbed Trailer: The flatbed trailer is designed with a sturdy flat base plate and multi-point fixing device for container fixing, while the chassis is constructed with high-strength steel, which provides reliable loading capacity and stability. Suitable for loading different types and sizes of containers. Typically used for standard 20ft and 40ft containers, but can also be used for other cargo.

Container Side Loader Trailer: This trailer has side units that allow containers to be unloaded or loaded onto the trailer from the side. Load capacity is similar to that of a flatbed trailer, and the structural design focuses on the strength and stability of the side loading device. It is usually used where conventional rear units cannot be used and can also be used for container handling in limited spaces.

Container Superlink Trailer: A double-deck trailer usually features a strong floor and support system to support the stacking of two layers of containers on the same trailer. However, the load capacity of each layer may be limited to maintain overall height stability. This can effectively increase loading capacity and reduce transport costs for light loads.

Container Skeleton Trailer: The skeleton trailer is a simplified design that consists of only the supporting frame of the container, providing sufficient stability and fixing points. They are suitable for situations where quick loading and unloading of containers is required. They are commonly used in places such as container terminals.

Applicable Industries

Cargo Logistics: Container Semi Trailers are widely used in the cargo logistics industry for transporting various types of goods, such as consumer goods, industrial materials, electronic products, etc… They provide an efficient and safe way to transport goods from one location to another.

Ports and Terminals: Container Semi Trailers are important in ports and terminals for transporting containers from cargo ships or terminal yards to their destinations. They facilitate the movement of goods by quickly moving containers out of the port area.

Cross-border trade: Container Semi Trailers play an important role in international trade due to the standardization of containers. They can transport goods between different countries, simplifying the process of cross-border trade.

Construction: In the construction industry, Container semi-trailers are used for transporting building materials, heavy equipment, machinery, and more. They can transport large items from one site to another, improving the progress of construction projects.

Agriculture and Produce: Container Semi Trailers can transport produce, farm equipment, and raw materials. This is essential for promptly getting agricultural products from the farm or ranch to the market or processing plant.

Container Trailer Safety Performance

TRUCKMAN’s Container Semi Trailer range is a semi-trailer model that excels in safety. The use of state-of-the-art technology and the highest manufacturing standards in braking systems and stability control ensure that the semitrailers provide excellent safety in all road and transport scenarios.

Braking system: Our semi-trailers are equipped with a professional braking system, which includes intelligent brake control and brake disc technology. The high-precision braking system can achieve smooth braking, reduce the risk of emergency braking, and extend the service life of the braking system. The brake disc adopts an excellent manufacturing process with reliable wear resistance and braking efficiency, effectively guaranteeing cargo transport safety.

Stability control system: our semi-trailers are equipped with an advanced stability control system, which can effectively synthesize the parameters of tilt angle, steering, and speed in emergencies and quickly adjust them through the system to ensure the vehicle’s stability and avoid rollover and loss of control. Rain, snow, and other inclement weather can effectively protect the driver’s safety and ensure the safe delivery of goods.

Maintenance & Upkeep

In order to ensure that the semi-trailer can be kept in the best condition and prolong its life effectively, regular maintenance and repair are key.TRUCKMAN, as a professional manufacturer & distributor, we at this moment compile a few suggestions for you:

Regular cleaning and lubrication: Clean your semi-trailer regularly, especially the chassis, brakes, and suspension components. Also, ensure that all lubrication points are well-lubricated to reduce wear and tear.

Tire maintenance: Check tire pressures regularly to ensure they are within the recommended pressure range. Check tire wear and replace badly worn tires promptly.

Brake System: Regularly check the brake system, including discs, pads, and fluid. Ensure that the brakes are working well and replace worn parts promptly.

Electrical system: Regularly check the electrical system, including lights, wires, and connectors. Make sure all lights are working properly and wires are securely connected.

Suspension and suspension: Regularly inspect suspension and components to ensure they are not loose or worn. Note the condition of suspension springs and shock absorbers.

Container Truck Trailer Cost-effectiveness

When you choose a Container Semi Trailer from TRUCKMAN, you are making an excellent investment. The reason for this is that this semi-trailer not only provides an excellent return on investment in the short term but also maintains excellent value in the long term.

The short-term reason is that the overall design of this container semi-trailer is aerodynamic and lightweight, effectively reducing fuel consumption. It allows for fast container loading and unloading, which improves transport efficiency and increases revenue. As well as allowing the carrying of multiple standard-sized containers, maximizing loading capacity, and so on. Minimizing operating costs, increasing transport efficiency, and constantly running your business.

And the long-term reason lies in its value as well as durability. By using high-quality construction materials, it has a reliable lifespan and the ability to be sold in the event of future uncertainty to recoup a portion of the funds for turnover, and it has a very high rate of preservation of value. The most important thing is that it can be adapted to the needs of different transport tasks and has a high degree of flexibility.

Container Trailer FAQ

Container trailer prices vary by model, configuration and manufacturer, usually ranging from $5,000 to $45,000.

Semi-trailer container is usually 20 feet or 40 feet, respectively, 6.1 meters and 12.2 meters.

Trailers usually need another car traction, while the container is a large container loaded with goods

Container trailers have a variety of names, such as container semi-trailer, container trailer, and container transport vehicle.

The weight of a 40ft container trailer depends on the cargo and the vehicle itself, usually between 8,000 and 10,000 lbs.

Containers are usually secured to the trailer by torque locking devices, angle irons, etc. to ensure safe transport.

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