2 Axle Low Bed Trailer

2 Axle Low Bed Trailer For Sale

The 2 axle low bed trailer is also called the 2 axle lowbed trailer and the 2 axle lowboy trailer. It is used for standard-weight construction machinery, such as 20-ton excavators, 16-ton road rollers, etc., and the maximum loading capacity reaches 40 tons. The main parts of 2-axle low bed trailer include the axle, tire, support leg, tractor pin, steel, etc. These accessories support the operation of the low bed trailer. The steel of the low bed trailer has a manganese plate, and high-strength steel can even be optional wear-resistant steel.

2 Axle Low Bed Trailer for sale

Low Bed Trailer Specification

Detail Specification
Axle 2 axles, 2x16000kg, ZY brand
Tire 12.00R20, 8 pcs, TRIANGLE brand
Support Leg 28 tons, JOST brand
Kingpin 3.5 inch heavy duty, JOST brand
Brake System WABCO brand brake system
Suspension Mechanical leaf spring
Material High strength steel
Ladder Type Spring model
Loading Platform 9000x3000x1300mm (depends on use)
Dimension 13000x3000x2980mm (depends on use)

2 Axle Lowbed Design

The 2 Axle Lowbed Trailer is designed to have a low deck height, allowing for easy loading and unloading of tall or heavy items. The low bed trailer height, width, length, and even the detail dimension can be designed according to the transport cargo dimension; the deck height of a low bed trailer must be prepared to be low to accommodate the transportation of tall or oversized cargo. The exact deck height can vary, but it is typically kept as low as possible to ensure stability and safe loading and unloading. Here are our 2-axle low bed trailer design drawings for your reference.

50 tonne low bed design

Optional Parts For 2 Axle Lowbed

Dimension of low bed trailer: We can determine your low bed trailer’s length, width, and height based on the measurements of the goods you are transporting.

Hydraulic ladder: Most low-bed trailer ladder is mechanical spring; the hydraulic ladder can save manpower and operate the climbing ladder more quickly.

Extended width plate: It can help widen the width of the low bed trailer’s loading platform to transport larger-sized loads.

Air suspension: For goods that are very high in height but need extra protection, you can choose air suspension, which can reduce the bumps during transport.

Lowbed Trailer Parts Diagram

2 Axle Lowbed Semi Trailer Advantages

Durable material: TRUCKMAN 2 Axle Lowbed Semi Trailer uses T700 high-strength steel. The purchase cost is 2 times that Q355 manganese steel, but the loading capacity is five times that. The yield strength of T700 steel has reached 700Mpa, resulting in a longer service life.

Durable parts: The tire, axle, support leg, and kingpin are very important parts for 2 Axle Lowbed Trailer. Our TRUCKMAN low bed trailer parts use durable brands to assure quality, such as the LINGLONG brand tire; it’s getting a good test record on the China high-speed way. Axle uses the FUWA, ZY, and BPW brands to improve service life while ensuring load-bearing capacity.

Advanced production tech: Our 2 Axle Lowbed Semi Trailer uses many good and advanced production techs, making our low bed trailer stronger and more durable. The tech includes Automatic submerged arc welding, shot blasting, laser cutting, electrostatic powder spraying+paint baking technology.

Customised lowbed trailer

The Use Of 2 Axle Lowbed Trailer

Transporting heavy equipment and machinery: The low chassis height of the low bed trailer design makes it ideal for transporting heavy equipment and machinery, such as construction machinery, agricultural machinery, engineering equipment, excavators, bulldozers, loaders, etc.

Transporting large cargoes: Low bed trailers are also suitable for transporting large loads, such as steel, pipelines, construction materials, prefabricated components, bridge girder segments, etc.

Oilfield and energy industry: In the oilfield and energy industry, low bed trailers are commonly used to transport heavy equipment such as oil well equipment, oil pipes, oil pumps, generator sets, and so on.

Construction and engineering industry: In the construction and engineering industry, low bed trailers are commonly used for transporting construction materials, concrete beams, steel structures, etc.

Wind power industry: Low bed trailers are also widely used in the wind power industry for transporting towers, blades, nacelle, and other components of wind turbine generator sets.

2-axle low bed trailer for sale

Customer Feedback For 2 Axle Low Bed Trailer

Our customer in Ghana needs a 2 Axle Lowbed to transport two small excavators. We designed this 2-axle low bed trailer for our customer according to the size of the excavator provided; this low bed trailer loading platform reached 12 meters, the design loading capacity went 50 tons, and it fully met the transport requirements. The customer provides the following pictures.

2 Axle Low Bed Trailer Customer Feedback Chart

2 Axle Trailer Tech Support

Our TRUCKMAN low bed trailer meets BV, SGS, CO, ECTN certification requirements. Advanced production technology and durable accessories ensure the quality of our low bed trailer. In addition, we will provide training and manuals to ensure you operate and maintain the trailer correctly. Technical support is also available to assist you in solving problems with your trailer. You can contact us by phone, email, or online support channels.

Low Bed Trailer real image -TRUCKMAN AUTOMOBILE
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