T7H Tractor Truck For Sale

SINOTRUK HOWO T7H tractor truck upgrade basic on the old model HOWO A7 tractor truck (stop production), adopt the new model cabin design, with one bed also can optional two bed for long distance transportation. Application the big horsepower engine, 430HP, suitable for the heavy duty cargoes transport. 12 gear transmission, quick shifting, with HW70 power take off, can provide power for semi-trailer, suitable for all kinds of semi trailer.



Detail Specification
Engine WP12.430E201, 430HP. EURO 2
Gearbox 12 forward and 2 reverse gear
Cabin With one bed, A/C
Front Axle VGD95, 9500kg
Driving Axle HC16, 2x16000kg
Kingpin 3.5 inch heavy duty, JOST brand
Fuel Tank 600L
Tire 315/80R22.5, 10+1 pcs
Color Optional
Dimension 6880x2500x3180mm

The T7H tractor head specification only for your reference, we can accept customization.

Tractor Truck Cabin Detail

The SINOTRUK HOWO T7H Tractor Truck has a comfortable and easy driving experience. It adopts a four-point suspension system, which includes coil springs, shock absorbers, and a lateral stabilizer seat. The rearview mirror adopts electric system, no need to adjust the angle by hand, and the mirror is heated automatically. The cab has a low wind resistance design. This design has been calibrated by a strict wind tunnel test. The cab’s collision index is designed according to the Swedish standard.

Driver-Centric Cabin Design in T7H Tractor Truck

T7H Tractor Truck Fuel Tank

The fuel tank capacity of SINOTRUK HOWO T7H tractor truck is 600L. Additionally, there are optional fuel tanks of 600+400L and 600+1000L for long distance transportation. The fuel tank material is aluminum alloy material, reduces vehicle weight while remaining sturdy, resulting in fuel savings. Aluminum alloy has a significant advantage in corrosion resistance over iron. It is also less susceptible to impurities compared to other new materials. And the use of aluminum alloy tanks, the chance of static electricity generation is small, improve safety.

Tractor Truck Fuel Tank

Tractor Truck Saddle

Heavy loads must use a heavy-duty saddle, our tractor truck adopt the 3.5 inch saddle, max tractor weight can reach to 90 tons. The saddle panels are molded in one piece for greater strength and durability. Casting saddle is suitable for heavy-duty transportation, the casting process can make the saddle panel add a lot of “additional features”, no need to take off the trailer can be for saddle greasing. This greatly enhances convenience.

T7H Tractor Truck Saddle
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