SHACMAN H3000 Tractor Head

SHACMAN H3000 Tractor Head For Sale

SHACMAN H3000 tractor head is a very advanced tractor head for the logistics, construction, mining and agricultural industries.It known for excellent load capacity, high reliability, efficiency and durability. And by understanding the needs of customers in niche markets and targeting reasonable and professional product solutions, we have sold more than 100,000 units.

SHACMAN H3000 Tractor Head-Truckman Automobile


Detail Specification
Engine WP10.380E22, 380HP. EURO 2
Gearbox 12 forward and 2 reverse gear
Cabin H3000 model, with one bed, A/C
Front Axle 7500kg
Driving Axle 2x13000kg
Kingpin 2 inch, JOST brand
Fuel Tank 600L
Tire 315/80R22.5, 10+1 pcs
Color Optional
Dimension 6880x2500x3180mm

The SHACMAN H3000  specification only for your reference, we can accept customization.

SHACMAN H3000 Axle Detail

SHACMAN H3000 tractor head axle have two model, light duty model and heavy duty model. The light duty model axle suitable for container and standard cargoes transport, for some weight restricted areas, light duty axle is more advantageous to transport more cargo. The heavy duty model axle suitable for transport heavy duty construction machinery and mining equipment, very popular in mining etc industries.

SHACMAN H3000 Tractor Head Cabin Detail

The SHACMAN tractor head cabin model is H3000, with A/C and one sleeper. The driving type have left and right hand drive for different countries driving habit request. Standard features include automatic air-conditioning, electric window rollers, electric flip-ups, central door locks, four-point air suspension in the cab, national steel bumpers, and other features.

SHACMAN Cabin Detail

Tractor Head Tire Detail

The LINGLONG 315/80R22.5 tires used on the SHACMAN H3000 tractor head are known for their anti-skid properties, which help improve traction and stability on various road surfaces. They are also wear-resistant, meaning they can withstand the demands of long-distance driving without excessive wear and tear. Additionally, these tires are corrosion-resistant, ensuring they can withstand harsh weather conditions and maintain their performance over time.

SHACMAN H3000 Tire Detail
SHACMAN H3000 Tractor Head-Truckman Automobile
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