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Truckman Automobile offers different types of bulk cement semi-trailers, as a professional bulk cement semi-trailer manufacturer, we offer a wide range of Cement Semi-trailers with various specifications, among which the regular ones are 35/40/45/50CBM, and you can also communicate with our specialists for special customization if there is any additional customization requirement.

Our Cement Tanker is often used for the transportation of cement, wheat, flour, lime and other various bulk items with particle diameter less than 0.1MM, and is equipped with a pneumatic system, which can effectively load and unload the goods, greatly improving the transportation efficiency. The overall material is made of steel and other high-strength materials, which can endure all kinds of harsh transportation conditions and ensure the safe transportation of goods.

Working Principle

Bulk cement semi-trailer is a kind of truck specially used for transportation of bulk cement, according to the special demand, it is also often used for transportation of other bulk goods, the main working principle is as follows:

Loading: Bulk cement or other bulk goods are loaded into the interior of the cargo box through the loading equipment, usually, the entrance of the cargo box is designed as an inclined structure to facilitate the loading and unloading of goods.

Transportation: When the loading of goods is completed, the goods will enter the transportation stage, in the process of driving, the goods will be concentrated towards the bottom of the semi-trailer. To prevent the cargo from clumping or clogging, we have equipped a vibrator/airflow system.

Unloading: The semi-trailer is designed with an inclined structure, which together with the specialized unloading equipment (unloading pipe/unloading hopper) makes it easy to unload the cargo from the container.


Bulk cement semi-trailer is an important means of transportation, so its safety as well as reliability is especially important, the main features are:

Tank structure: the tank is made of high-strength steel, and the surface is smooth, so it can withstand the weight and pressure of the material, and the unloading of the material is also extremely convenient.

Unloading method: cement tankers usually have a variety of unloading methods, including compressed air, hydraulic system or gravity unloading. It can be adapted to diversified application scenarios.

Safety protection measures: in order to ensure the safety of the transportation process, cement tankers are usually equipped with a variety of safety protection devices, such as safety valves to prevent overpressure, pressure gauges and safety valves.

Structural design: Cement tankers usually have robust and durable structures to ensure stable transportation under adverse road and environmental conditions.

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