All Drive Wheel BEIBEN 420HP Cargo Truck

All Drive Wheel BEIBEN 420HP Cargo Truck For Sale

All drive wheel BEIBEN cargo truck cab with one sleeper and air-conditioning can provide a comfortable working environment for the driver, and two sleepers can also be installed according to customer requirements. This model is all-wheel drive form, more powerful, even in bad working conditions can maintain stable operation, high reliability.

BEIBEN 420HP front close-up - Truckman Automobile


Product NameAll-drive Wheel BEIBEN 420HP Cargo Truck
ApplicationConstruction and logistics work
EngineWP12.420E32, 420HP, EURO 3
CabinWith one bed, A/C
Gearbox10 forward gears, 2 reverse gears
Tire12.00R24, radial tyre, 12+1 pcs
Fuel Tank400L
Driving Axle16 tons, 2x16000kg

BEIBEN 420HP Cargo Truck Tires

BEIBEN 420HP cargo truck using TRIANGLE brand 12.00R24 tires, the tire for the desert tires, especially suitable for use in the desert, cross-country and other harsh road conditions, the tire diameter is large, the chassis through the ability of strong, not easy to bump the chassis, adaptability is stronger.

All-drive Wheel BEIBEN Cargo Truck Tires

All-drive Wheel BEIBEN Shipping

When we do product transportation, we usually choose the bulk method, bulk carriers are available every month and are inexpensive to transport. The shipping company will put the trucks on the deck or in the cabin. If the trucks are put on the deck, they will be easily rusted by the waves. So, we will put the trucks in the cabin every time to avoid the rust problem.

BEIBEN 420HP lineup rear view - Truckman Automobile
BEIBEN 420HP Cargo Truck front view, showcasing its rugged design and all-wheel drive capability- - Truckman Automobile
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