50 Tons BEIBEN 2642 AWD Van Truck

50 Tons BEIBEN 2642 AWD Van Truck For Sale

BEIBEN 2642 AWD van truck is a truck with all-wheel drive. It can carry 30-50 tons of cargo. BEIBEN 2642 AWD van truck is very suitable for climbing hills and crossing deserts in countries such as Guyana, Congo and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The chassis of the BEIBEN 2642 AWD van truck is of very good quality, has a very strong load-bearing capacity and is suitable for heavy loads. Customers can use this all-wheel drive truck to load daily necessities for transportation operations.

BEIBEN 2642 AWD Truck rear view showing dual axle and chassis details


EngineWP12.420E201, 420HP. Euro 2
CabinNG80B,with one bed, A/C
Gearbox12F & 2R, manual gearbox
Drive Axle16 tons double reduction driving axle
Tire12.00R20, radial tyre, 10+1 pcs
Fuel Tank400L
Loading Capacity30-50tons

BEIBEN 2642 AWD Van Truck Oil Tank

BEIBEN 2642 AWD van truck uses a 400L iron fuel tank. In order to reduce the weight of the car, we can also install an aluminum alloy fuel tank for customers. Aluminum alloy fuel tanks are light in weight and have better corrosion resistance than iron fuel tanks. Aluminum alloy fuel tanks also have a longer life than iron fuel tanks. At the same time, they can also be recycled, which can save costs for customers.

Side view of BEIBEN 2642 AWD parked with high ground clearance

BEIBEN 2642 AWD Van Truck Cargo Box

BEIBEN 2642 AWD van truck can install the cargo box size that customers need, and we can also customize the thickness of the cargo box according to customer needs. If the customer wants to install the cargo box themselves, we can also send a chassis directly to the customer. Customers can install the container shape they want in their own country. Our containers are made of high-strength manganese plates. Compared with carbon steel plates, manganese plates will not cause permanent deformation, and their load bearing capacity and impact resistance are also better than carbon steel plates.

Rear angle of BEIBEN 2642 AWD showing tires and undercarriage
50 Tons BEIBEN 2642 AWD Van Truck
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