380HP BEIBEN 2638 30 Ton Tipper Truck

380HP BEIBEN 2638 30 Ton Tipper Truck For Sale

BEIBEN 2638 tipper truck adheres to the perfect integration of military quality and European technology, and the quality has always been very high. And BEIBEN has been continuously optimizing its product structure according to market demand. BEIBEN 2638 tipper truck has the characteristics of high reliability, strong fuel economy and high safety. BEIBEN tipper truck not only strengthens the balance suspension configuration, but also upgrades the horsepower according to the market so that customers can use it in different working conditions.



EngineWP10.380E22, 380HP. Euro 2
CabinNG80B,with one bed, A/C
Gearbox10 & 2R, manual gearbox
Drive Axle13 tons double reduction driving axle
Tire12.00R20, radial tyre, 10+1 pcs
Fuel Tank300L
Loading Capacity20-30tons

BEIBEN Tipper Truck Cargo Body

The cargo box of the BEIBEN 2638 tipper truck is welded using advanced robotic technology. The welds are stronger and more beautiful. The surface of the cargo box has been shot blasted, which can effectively remove the oxide layer and rust on the surface so that it can be integrated with the cargo box. Better to paint. The painting of the cargo box uses electrostatic spraying technology. Compared with baking paint, the paint surface of the cargo box has a longer service life and is not easy to fall off.

380HP BEIBEN 2638 30 Ton Tipper Truck For Sale

BEIBEN Tipper Truck Lifting Cylinder

BEIBEN 2638 tipper truck adopts the front lifting method to unload cargo, which greatly improves the loading and unloading efficiency of cargo and saves customers’ time. This lifting method is easier to maintain the lifting cylinder than the medium lifting method. In addition, there are also mid-lift options for 6X4 dump trucks. The mid-lift lifting method has a low purchase price, good stability during lifting, and saves space.

BEIBEN Tipper Truck Lifting Cylinder-TRUCKMAN
380HP BEIBEN 2638 30 Ton Tipper Truck For Sale
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