3 Axle Flatbed Semi Trailer

3 Axle Flatbed Semi Trailer For Sale

3 Axle Flatbed Semi Trailer features a flat and open platform without sides or a roof.

It is designed to carry cargo that can be loaded and unloaded from the top or sides. The absence of sides and a roof provides flexibility in loading and unloading different goods.

Transport not only the bulk cargoes, such as vegetables, daily necessary but also the all model containers, like 20FT, 40FT, and 45HQ containers.

3 Axle Flatbed Semi Trailer For Sale


Detail Specification
Axle 3 axles, 3x12000kg, ZY brand
Tire 12R22.5, 12 pcs, TRIANGLE brand
Support Leg 28 tons, JOST brand
Kingpin 2 inch heavy duty, JOST brand
Brake System WABCO brand brake system
Suspension Mechanical leaf spring or air suspension
Material Manganese steel
Container Lock 12 pcs
Tool Box 2 pcs
Dimension 12500x2500x1580mm

3 Axle Flatbed Tire Detail

3 axle flatbed semi trailer tire uses a 12R22.5 tubeless model, TRIANGLE brand—this type of tire suits standard loading capacity and long-distance transport work requests.

The 12.00R20 radial model tire is a good choice if you need overloading. TRIANGLE brand tires have better abrasion resistance, which means they can perform well in complex road conditions and provide longevity: very high impact resistance and stability.

3 Axle Flatbed Tire Detail

Flatbed Trailer Paint

Our TRUCKMAN 3 axle flatbed semi-trailer paint has strong anti-rust ability, bright color, and corrosion resistance. We use electrostatic dust spraying technology to apply the paint, which improves the paint’s brightness and enhances the paint’s ability to adhere to the surface. Compared with traditional manual spraying, it has a longer service life and will not lose color, but the price is relatively higher.

3 Axle Flatbed Trailer Paint

TRUCKMAN Flatbed Semi Trailer

TRUCKMAN has its factory and produces about 1,000 flatbed trailers of this model per year: experienced production, reliable quality, famous and low prices. The products are popular in Tanzania, Nigeria, Mozambique, Guinea, and other countries.

Advanced production tech: TRUCKMAN 3 axle flatbed semi-trailer uses advanced production technology to ensure the quality of our semi-trailers. For example, automatic submerged arc welding shot blasting, laser cutting, electrostatic powder coating, etc.

Durable brand parts: Our TRUCKMAN flatbed semi-trailers are made with durable brand parts such as the FUWA axle, JOST support leg, tractor pin, WABCO brake system, TRIANGLE tire, etc.

Good after-sales service: Each TRUCKMAN flatbed semi-trailer has its maintenance manual, which makes it convenient for customers to maintain the flatbed semi-trailer daily. We provide 24 24-hour after-sales service hotline to solve customers’ problems quickly.

TRUCKMAN 3 Axle Flatbed Semi Trailer
Low Bed Trailer real image -TRUCKMAN AUTOMOBILE
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