2 Axle Flatbed Semi Trailer

2 Axle Flatbed Semi Trailer For Sale

The 2 axle flatbed semi trailer is specially designed for the transport of all kinds of bulk goods and can also transport containers of all types.Designed for a maximum load capacity of 50 tonnes, the entire vehicle is made of manganese plates for a strong and durable structure. Very popular in logistics, construction, mining and other industries.

Flatbed 2 Axle Trailers for sale


Detail Specification
Axle 2 axles, 2x16000kg, ZY brand
Tire 12R22.5, 8 pcs, TRIANGLE brand
Support Leg 28 tons, JOST brand
Kingpin 2 inch heavy duty, JOST brand
Brake System WABCO brand brake system
Suspension Mechanical leaf spring
Material Manganese steel
Container Lock 12 pcs
Tool Box 2 pcs
Dimension 12500x2500x1580mm

2 Axle Flatbed Design Detail

2 axle flatbed structure mainly includes the chassis, loading platform, tractor pin, suspension system, tire and axle, support leg and electrical system, etc.

These configurations are constructed with durable brand parts to ensure the quality of the 2 axle flatbed semi trailer. Design drawings are also provided before production so that problems can be avoided as much as possible.

2 Axle Flatbed Design Detail

2 Axle Flatbed Semi Trailer Axle

2 axle flatbed semi trailer axle is an important part of the trailer, through the suspension and frame connected to the flatbed semi trailer play a load-carrying role to maintain the everyday driving of the car on the road.

Famous axle brands such as ZY, FUWA, BPW axle, etc. The axle of 2 axle flatbed loading capacity is 16 tons to meet the 50 tons loading capacity.

2 Axle Flatbed Semi Trailer Axle


2 axle flatbed semi-trailers are versatile and can transport a wide range of goods and materials. They are commonly used for hauling construction materials, machinery, equipment, lumber, steel, pipes, and other bulky or oversized items. The open design allows easy loading and unloading using cranes, forklifts, or other equipment.


How To Maintenance The 2 Axle Flatbed?

1. It is necessary to regularly check the integrity of various parts and components, such as the body structure, wheels, brake system, suspension system, electrical system, and hydraulic system. Defects and damages found should be repaired or replaced promptly to ensure the vehicle’s regular operation and safety performance.

2. Tyres should be replaced regularly according to the wear and tear of the wheels, and at the same time, the tires’ air pressure should be checked to see if it meets the requirements. Tyre pressure that is too low or too high will affect the vehicle’s handling and fuel economy, and may even lead to a tire blowout, so tire pressure should be checked and adjusted regularly.

3. Semi-trailers often operate in harsh environments, such as muddy roads and environments where chemicals are mixed. Therefore, the body and chassis also need to be cleaned regularly during maintenance to prevent mud and sand from entering the pipelines and causing malfunction of the machine parts. In addition, washing the bodywork and chassis maintains the vehicle’s appearance and reduces the chances of rusting.

Maintenance of flatbed trailers
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