How Much Gas Does A Tanker Truck Hold?

Chemical products such as natural gas and petroleum are flammable and explosive hazardous materials. Special vehicles are required to transport them, so a tank truck trailer must be used. The tank truck trailer has many safety features on the tanker body such as the manhole cover, subsea valve, and anti-overflow valve. These safety features guarantee the safe and efficient transportation of hazardous materials. So how much gas does a tanker truck hold?

how much gas does a tanker truck hold

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Tanker truck standard capacity

Tanker trailers are generally available in small, medium, and large sizes. Small tankers are generally 5m-10m. Medium tankers are generally 10m-15m, and large tankers are generally 15m-20m. The standard dimensions of tanker trailers are usually 30, 35, 40, 42, 45, 50 cubic meters, and so on. These sizes are very scientific and reasonable. Like length not be over 12.5 meters, If it is longer than that, it will be very difficult for the driver to maneuver. The standard dimension for the height of a tanker trailer is 3.75 meters. If the height is too high, the center of gravity will be raised, increasing the chance of rollover. Also, too much height does not make it easy to cross roads with height restrictions.

Standard size tanker supply

Tanker type

A tanker truck trailer can carry LPG or LNG. However, the tank capacity is different for each. LPG is highly susceptible to spontaneous combustion. It can explode when it reaches a certain concentration in the air and comes into contact with an open flame. So generally the tank volume of LPG tanker trailer is very small and only suitable. LNG has a higher ignition point and is more difficult to ignite than LPG. It has a higher lower limit of explosive concentration, leading to a lower chance of explosion. It is generally transported using a large-volume tanker truck trailer. LNG tanker trucks must keep the gas at a low temperature during transportation. Therefore, they need advanced insulation technology. LNG tanker trucks need strong explosion-proof capability to ensure transportation safety. On the other hand, they need this capability.

Multi-purpose tanker trucks

International Standard (IS)

International efforts have been made to standardize the capacity of tanker truck trailers. Recommendations include determining the tank’s safety capacity based on a comprehensive analysis of various factors. These factors include the type of imported petroleum products, their specifications, how they enter and exit the oil, the relationship between supply and demand, and the storage and transportation situation. When calculating the safety capacity of oil tanks, the safety reservation coefficient should be increased appropriately according to the actual situation. This ensures the safety of oil tanks during storage and transportation. In addition, some countries also have certain limits on the capacity of tanker truck trailers to ensure road safety. For example, East African countries generally require that the maximum capacity of an oil tanker truck trailer should not exceed 45,000 liters.

Standardised tanker trucks-how much gas does a tanker truck hold

Industry Impact

The capacity of a tanker truck trailer is very important to the transportation industry. Larger tanker trucks can transport more fuel. This improves transportation efficiency and the economy. High capacity can improve transportation efficiency and reduce transportation costs. However, it also increases the risk of accidents during transportation. Therefore, it must be weighed and considered in the design and use.

how much gas does a tanker truck hold


Tanker truck trailers usually have a large carrying capacity. They can transport large quantities of liquid cargo at one time. This makes tanker trucks highly effective and economical for medium and long-distance transportation. So the larger the capacity, the more efficient the transportation. Of course, transportation safety should also be considered.

Tanker trucks with high safety

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