How Much Does Tanker Trailer Cost?

Fuel tanker trailers are very popular in the logistics industry. This is because they offer efficient transport and safe unloading. A fuel tanker trailer is essential for long-distance transport of liquids. It is used for oil and liquefied petroleum gas. If you buy a fuel tanker trailer, how much does it cost? What are the factors that affect the price? This article will give you details about  How Much Does Tanker Trailer Cost.

How Much Does Tanker Trailer Cost

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Brand new fuel tanker trailer cost

The cost of purchasing a new fuel tanker trailer can be around $20,000 (FOB CHINA PORT). but different types and capacities of fuel tanker trailers may have different prices. For example, factors such as loading capacity, tanker body material, and parts brand can all influence the cost of a fuel tanker trailer. Maybe a carbon steel fuel tanker trailer costs only $20,000 (FOB CHINA PORT). However, an aluminum alloy fuel tanker trailer can cost up to $30,000. So the customer needs to define your needs before you can determine the exact price.

Brand New Fuel Tanker Trailer Cost-How Much Does Tanker Trailer Cost

Used fuel tanker trailer cost

The cost of a used fuel tanker trailer is much lower than a new one. You can pay no more than $10,000 (FOB CHINA PORT). The only factor that affects a used fuel tanker trailer cost is the year it was made. The longer it is, the cheaper it is. However, we must note that used fuel tanker trailers have disadvantages. Due to the long use of the vehicle, there may be a certain amount of wear and tear and aging of the parts. Magazines deposited inside the tank can contaminate the goods being transported. The maintenance costs are high, and there is a high-risk factor.

Used Fuel Tanker Trailer Cost-How Much Does Tanker Trailer Cost

Optional parts cost

As we mentioned above, the loading capacity, tanker body material, and parts brand can influence the fuel tanker trailer cost. For example, the aluminum alloy tanker body costs 1.5 times more than the carbon steel one. The price of famous brand parts is 1 times more than non-brand parts, and the 45,000-liter body costs 0.5 times more than the 40,000 liters one. Even the special design can influence the fuel tanker trailer cost, like adding more compartments, safety equipment, etc.

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Optional accessories - tanker truck cost factors

Maintenance and operating costs

The fuel tanker trailer’s maintenance and operating costs include fuel, road tolls, maintenance, insurance, labor, and tires. The specific costs are as follows:

  1. Fuel Cost: Assuming a 3-axle semi-trailer is used, it would cost $35 to drive 100 kilometers. This is based on an average of 35 liters of diesel fuel per 100 kilometers, costing $1 per liter.
  2. Road Tolls: specific costs vary depending on the route and specific circumstances.
  3. Maintenance Costs: Vehicle maintenance includes an oil change every 100,000 kilometers. This costs $1,500 each time, meaning $1,500 per year.
  4. Insurance: Depending on the type of insurance and the amount of coverage, the cost may vary.
  5. Labour Cost: Including driver’s salary and benefits.
  6. Tyre Cost: for a 3-axle fuel tanker trailer with 12 tires, one tire costs $200, and a full set costs $2,400. Assuming that a new set of tires can run for 300,000-400,000km, and 200,000km in a year, the cost of tires will be about $1,200
Maintenance and Operating Costs - Tanker Truck Cost Factors

Fuel tanker trailer buying advice

Customers should have an approximate budget before purchasing. They should also have a rough idea of the fuel tanker trailer configuration. If you don’t know how to buy a fuel tanker trailer, you can work with industry professionals like TRUCKMAN. They can provide you with a reliable fuel tanker trailer that matches your budget and requirements.

Choosing the Right Tanker Trailer
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