How Long Are Tanker Trailers?

The tanker trailer is indispensable for transporting petroleum, diesel oil, chemicals, liquefied gases, foodstuffs, and other liquids. The tanker trailer plays an important role in our daily lives, and we can see it on the street anytime and anywhere. The tanker trailer looks like a monster, due to its big dimensions and danger. So How Long Are Tanker Trailers?

How Long Are Tanker Trailers-Tanker Trailers

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The Standard Dimension Of Tanker Trailer

Tanker trailers are generally available in small, medium, and large sizes. Small tankers are generally 5m-10m. Medium tankers are generally 10m-15m, and large tankers are generally 15m-20m. The standard dimensions of tanker trailers are usually 30, 35, 40, 42, 45, 50 cubic meters, and so on. These sizes are very scientific and reasonable. Like length not be over 12.5 meters, If it is longer than that, it will be very difficult for the driver to maneuver. The standard dimension for the height of a tanker trailer is 3.75 meters. If the height is too high, the center of gravity will be raised, increasing the chance of rollover. Also, too much height does not make it easy to cross roads with height restrictions.

Tanker trucks of many sizes

Different Types Of Tanker Trailers

TRUCKMAN’s tanker trailers are available in many types for the transportation of different products.

1. Fuel Tanker Trailer: used to transport gasoline, diesel, kerosene, and other fuel oil. This trailer’s length usual is 12.5 meters.

2. Liquefied Gas Tanker Trailer: It is used for transporting liquefied gases, like liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), liquid nitrogen (LIN), and liquid oxygen (LOX). This trailer’s length is 13 meters.

3. Chemical Tanker Trailer: It is used to transport liquid chemical products, such as ethanol, methanol, nitric acid, sodium hydroxide, urea, and so on. This trailer length is 10 meters.

4. Air Compressor Tanker Trailer: for the transportation of compressed air. This trailer’s length usual is 12.5 meters.

5. Special Tanker Trailer: It is used for transportation of special media, such as food, dairy products, cosmetics, etc. The usual length of this trailer is 12.5 meters.

6. Nitrogen Tanker Trailer: It is used to transport high-purity nitrogen and other gases. These gases need strict purification and processing. This trailer length is 10 meters.

Tanker Trailers-How Long Are Tanker Trailers?


In conclusion, there are many ways to categorize tank trailers. Their dimensions differ because they transport various media and adhere to varying hazardous material transportation policies.

The size of the tanker trailer is very important to the transportation industry. Larger tanker trailers can transport more fuel, improving transportation efficiency and economy. However, oversized tanker trailers may put excessive pressure on roads and bridges. Therefore, the design and use of these trailers need to be weighed and considered. TRUCKMAN is an excellent tanker trailer manufacturer with rich experience in tanker trailer production. Its tanker trailer meets various certified quality requirements and local road regulations. We can also Customized Tanker Trailers according to customers’ requirements.

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