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Truckman’s Flatbed Semi Trailer are ruggedly designed to safely and stably transport goods of different sizes and weights. Whether you are in logistics, construction or agriculture, we have the right flatbed semi-trailer solution for you.

Flatbed Semi Trailer For Sale

The Flatbed Semi Trailer from Truckman Automobile is a unique trailer type primarily used for cargo transport, offering more space and flexibility than other trailer types. This special trailer type is designed to transport goods of all sizes and shapes easily.

It is currently used in various industries such as construction/agriculture/logistics, cargo/heavy equipment transport, and even the vehicle itself. It is the most widely used trailer type today.

At the same time, the flatbed trailer is designed to offer greater flexibility and convenience, providing a reliable and flat loading platform, which makes it ideal for transporting oversized/irregular items, with the help of pre-installed side panels around the perimeter, tie-downs, and fixing points for cargo fixing, which effectively guarantees the safety and stability of cargo transport.

Its easy loading and unloading characteristics also significantly reduce unnecessary operating costs and additional expenses.

As a particular type of trailer, its design and function make it an indispensable part of various industries and still have an immeasurable role in the logistics industry in the future.

As a trailer manufacturer & seller in China, we can provide conventional trailer 2/3/4 axle and 45FT trailer types and non-conventional trailer types. For any customized requirements, please feel free to contact our experts!

Features & Benefits

Our flatbed trailers have a range of features and benefits that make them one of the preferred choices for logistics transport today. These include:

Carrying Capacity: Flatbed semi-trailers typically have excellent carrying capacity and can hold large amounts of cargo, including heavy and oversized Freight. This makes it ideal for transporting large machinery, equipment, construction materials, and other heavy loads.

Versatile platform design: Its flat cargo floor design makes it ideal for transporting a wide range of cargo sizes, shapes, and types. This versatility makes the Flatbed Semi Trailer useful in a variety of industries.

Durable: These trailers are usually made of solid materials, such as steel, for superior durability and long life. They can withstand the weight of long hauls and harsh weather conditions.

Adaptable: Flatbed semi-trailers can be customized and adapted to meet the varying needs of your cargo, including adjustable side panels, tie-downs, and tie-down points to ensure your shipment is safe and secure during transport.

Easy Loading and Unloading of Cargo: The lack of enclosed sidewalls and roofs makes the loading and unloading cargo easier, allowing entry and exit from the trailer in multiple directions.

Suitable for various industries: Flatbed semi-trailers are widely used in multiple sectors, such as construction, agriculture, logistics, and manufacturing. They can meet the cargo transport needs of a variety of different industries.

Increased Transport Efficiency: The design of the Flatbed semi-trailer allows for quick loading and unloading of cargo, which increases transport efficiency and reduces cargo standstill time.

Flexibility and versatility: Thanks to its flatbed design, the Flatbed semi-trailer can be used to transport a wide range of different types of goods, from steel to timber, equipment, and machinery, and even large structures on construction sites.


Applicable Industries

Truckman Automobile’s flatbed trailers are versatile goods carriers for various industries specially designed to solve complex transport challenges. Whether it’s construction, agriculture, logistics, or manufacturing, these trailers offer convenient, efficient, and reliable transportation solutions. Some of the common ones are:

Construction industry: can be used to transport various construction materials/equipment. Often, heavy and bulky construction materials cannot be transported by conventional lorries, and the flexibility of flatbed trailers can solve these complex transport challenges.

Agricultural industry: It can transport various agrarian products/equipment to meet different production and sales needs.

Logistics and Freight: play a vital role in the logistics and freight industry, especially domestic and international transport. They can accommodate international containers and deliver goods from ports, railway stations, and freight centers to their destinations. Examples include large machinery and equipment, building structures, and pipelines.

Manufacturing and industrial sectors: capable of transporting all kinds of metal equipment/metal materials, with flat transport platforms to prevent deformation of metal materials. Large machinery and equipment such as pressure vessels, generators, wind turbines, and mining equipment can also be transported.

Consumer goods industry: can be used to transport furniture, electrical appliances, and other consumer goods. These goods often require stable platforms to prevent damage.

Maintenance & Upkeep

Routine maintenance of flatbed trailers is essential to enhance overall performance and longevity and ensure efficient operation in a variety of work situations to create economic value for you.

1. Regular Cleaning: Remove dirt, mud, and chemicals that accumulate on the road regularly, especially after traveling in adverse weather conditions. This helps prevent corrosion and reduces the trailer’s weight, effectively improving fuel efficiency.

2. Check and maintain tires: Regularly check the wear, pressure, and condition of tires. Ensure that tires are correctly inflated and avoid excessive and uneven wear. Good condition of tires is essential for safe driving.

3. Lubricate Critical Components: You can regularly lubricate key components of your flatbed semi-trailer, such as the suspension, braking and steering systems. Regular lubrication reduces wear and friction and ensures smooth operation of these components.

4. Regular inspection of the braking system: The proper functioning of the braking system is essential. Regularly check the condition of the brake discs, drums, brake lines, and brake fluid, and make sure that the braking power and distance are within reasonable limits.

5. Keep Lighting and Electrical Systems Functioning Properly: Regularly check and keep your trailer’s lighting and electrical systems functioning properly. This includes tail lights, brake lights, turn signals, reflectors, and cable connections. Ensure that all lighting is visible to improve visibility at night and in adverse weather conditions.

6. Wheel and Bearing Maintenance: Regularly check the condition of the wheel hubs and bearings to ensure they are full of lubricant and debris-free. This helps reduce friction and wear and extends the life of the seats and bearings.

7. BODY MAINTENANCE: Periodically inspect the body structure of the Flatbed semi-trailer, including the flatbed floor and side panels. Repairing rust, scratches or damage to the trailer to prevent further corrosion leading to structural problems and a major accident problem.

8. Regular Fastener Inspection: Inspect and tighten all critical bolts, nuts, and connectors to ensure they are secure to avoid loosening or stripping parts.

9. Emergency tools and spares: Always carry standard emergency tools and spares such as spanners, screwdrivers, spare tires, and spare wheels. These can help you make temporary repairs in an emergency to get to the service station safely.

10. REGULAR PROFESSIONAL INSPECTIONS: Besides your maintenance work, take your Flatbed semi-trailer to a professional service station for regular inspections and maintenance to ensure all critical components are in top condition.

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