60 Ton Side Wall Trailer

60 Ton Side Wall Trailer For Sale

60 ton side wall trailer is a heavy-duty trailer designed for transporting large and heavy cargo while providing additional containment and protection with its side walls. The baffle hinges have a straightforward design and are perfect for dismantling for easy loading and unloading of containers. It can also be designed with a width of 2650mm for direct loading and unloading containers without dismantling the rails.

60 Ton Side Wall Trailer For Sale-Side Wall Trailer


Detail Specification
Axle 3 axles, 3x16000kg, ZY or FUWA brand
Tire 315/80R22.5, 12 pcs, TRIANGLE brand
Support Leg 28 tons, JOST brand
Kingpin 3.5 inch heavy duty, JOST brand
Brake System WABCO brand brake system
Suspension Mechanical leaf spring or air suspension
Material Manganese steel
Container Lock 12 pcs
Side Wall 600mm
Dimension 12500x2500x2780mm

60 Ton SideWall Trailer King Pin

60 ton sidewall trailer kingpin is a 3.5-inch heavy-duty model, JOST brand. A semi-trailer traction pin is the linking mechanism between the tractor and the trailer, carrying the traction force of the trailer, which is the point of traction force of the trailer. Made of chrome alloy, heat-treated to ensure high strength. Bolt torque set to 190NM.

60 Ton SideWall Trailer King Pin

Fence Information

The side wall trailer fence height ranges from 400mm to 800mm and can be made according to the cargo size. Adopt the laser cutting and automatic welding tech to make the side wall trailer fence more durable. The fence material is a manganese plate or high-strength steel; the thickness is 1.5mm or 2mm. The railing panels can be easily removed to transport larger-sized loads.

Side Wall Trailer Fence

60 Ton Side Wall Trailer Application

Construction and Building Materials: The 60 ton side wall trailer is commonly used in the construction industry for transporting steel beams, pipes, lumber, concrete blocks, cement bags, and other items. 

Agriculture: 60 60-ton side wall trailer can, of course, be used for agriculture, transporting all kinds of crops such as soybeans, corn, coffee beans, etc. Transporting produce to warehouses, ports, and other places is easy and fast.

Energy and Power: The energy and power sector often requires the transportation of large equipment and components for power generation, such as turbines, generators, transformers, and wind turbine blades. The side wall trailer can accommodate these oversized and heavy items, ensuring their safe delivery to power plant sites or renewable energy installations.

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Low Bed Trailer real image -TRUCKMAN AUTOMOBILE
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