45 CBM Bulk Cement Tanker

45 CBM Bulk Cement Tanker For Sale

45 CBM bulk cement tanker trailer with large fluidising inclination, large ash discharge pipe diameter, large curvature of the bend pipe, no accumulation of material, no blockage of the pipe. Fluidised bed structure with multiple permeable tubes, sufficient gas volume, stable air pressure and lower residual rate etc advantages.

45 CBM Bulk Cement Tanker-Truckman Automobile


Detail Specification
Axle 4 axles, 4x13000kg, FUWA brand
Tire 12R22.5, 16 pcs, TRIANGLE brand
Engine 4 cylinder, WEICHAI or YUCHAI
Kingpin 3.5 inch heavy duty, JOST brand
Brake System WABCO brand brake system
Suspension Mechanical leaf spring or air suspension
Material Carbon steel
Tanker Body 45 cubic meters, V type
Landing Gear 28 tons, JOST brand
Dimension 11880x2500x3680mm (depends on use)

The 45 cubic meter bulk cement tanker trailer specification only for your reference, we can accept customization.

Bulk Cement Tanker Brake System

The bulk cement tanker trailer brake system consist of the ABS brake system, WABCO emergency brake valve and double brake chamber. The ABS brake system function is stop to wheel lock to prevent rollover. And WABCO brand emergency valve function is travelling brake in normal conditions and emergency brake in case of accidental detachment. Double brake chamber function is to convert the pressure of compressed air into a mechanical force that turns the brake camshaft.

Trailers Brake System-Truckman Automobile

45 CBM Bulk Cement Tanker Trailers Pipeline

The fluidised powder has to pass through a set of discharge tubes before it can be exported from the tank, and the size of the discharge tubes determines the discharge rate. Our bulk cement tanker trailer features stainless steel pipework, which is corrosion resistant and lasts up to three times longer than ordinary steel. Equipped with a special anti-clogging device to ensure that the material will not clog the pipeline.

Bulk Cement Tanker Trailers Pipeline-Truckman Automobile

Unloading Method

The unloading method is to use the air compressor powered by a diesel engine, the compressed gas is transported to the inside of the tank through the inlet pipe, after the fluidisation device so that the fluidity of the dust material is increased, presenting a liquid-like nature, the powder can then flow in a certain inclination angle of the fluidised bed. Due to the pressure difference between inside and outside of the tank, when unloading the material, open the valve, the dust material will be transported with the air along the unloading pipeline to the designated location.

45 CBM Cement Tanker-Truckman Automobile
Cement Tanker-Truckman Automobile
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