2 Axles End Dump Trailers

2 Axles End Dump Trailers For Sale

2 axles end dump trailers mainly design for the short- and medium-distance transportation. Max loading capacity is 40,000kg, suitable for coal, sand, gravel etc mining and construction material haulage. Thanks to its short body, the end dump trailers can meet the loading and unloading of any site and is very flexible. Reinforced chassis design to meet the needs of heavy-duty and severe road conditions.

2 Axles End Dump Trailers For Sale-End Dump Trailers


Detail Specification
Axle 2 axles, 2x16000kg, ZY brand
Tire 315/80R22.5, 8 pcs, TRIANGLE brand
Support Leg 28 tons, JOST brand
Kingpin 3.5 inch heavy duty, JOST brand
Brake System WABCO brand brake system
Suspension Mechanical leaf spring or air suspension
Material Manganese steel
Cargo Box 8500x2300x1500mm, bottom 8mm, side 6mm
Loading Capacity 40,000kg
Dimension 9000x2560x3450mm

The specification of 2 axles dump trailers only for your reference, can be customized on request.

End Dump Trailers Axle Details

END dump trailers axle brand can optional the ZY, BPW, FUWA, etc. The loading capacity of the axle is from 10 tons to 20 tons. These end dump trailers use the ZY brand axle, per axle loading capacity is 16 tons. To support the loading of 30-40 tons of cargo haulage. The ZY brand has a strong load-bearing capacity, long life, lightweight, excellent performance, and other characteristics. And provide one year or 100,000 kilometers of after-sales service guarantee

End Dump Trailers Axle Details

Dump Trailers Shot Blasting Tech

The end dump trailers adopt the shot blasting tech, it can help the paint uniformly sprayed on the steel surface to improve adsorption capacity. Steel treated with shot blasting has a more polished, unadulterated surface. It improves the toughness of the steel and helps to increase its service life. After painting, the appearance is also more beautiful.

Dump Trailers Shot Blasting Tech

2 Axles End Dump Trailers Material Details

The cargo box and chassis material of end dump trailers all adopt the Q355B manganese steel. This steel is very suitable for semi-trailers, with high yield strength, high load-bearing capacity, not easy to crack, low procurement costs and long service life. And also can choose the NM series or HARDOX series wear-resistant steel, Used to transport harder goods such as boulders, rocks and other minerals.

2 Axles End Dump Trailers Material Details
End Dump Trailers For Sale
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