100 Ton Semi Dump Trailers

100 Ton Semi Dump Trailers For Sale

The end dump trailers carry 100 tons of cargo, and need high load capacity for the chassis. This 100 Ton Semi Dump Trailers chassis material adopts high-strength steel, with yield strength reaching 800mpa, it’s three 3 times more than normal steel. And adopt the many advanced production tech, ensuring that dump trailers can be used to reduce customer maintenance costs.

High-Capacity 100 Ton Semi Dump Trailers for Heavy-Duty Hauling


Detail Specification
Axle 6 axles, 6x16000kg, FUWA brand
Tire 12.00R20, 24+1 pcs, TRIANGLE brand
Support Leg 28 tons, JOST brand
Kingpin 3.5 inch heavy duty, JOST brand
Brake System WABCO brand brake system
Suspension Mechanical leaf spring or air suspension
Material Manganese steel
Cargo Box 11000x2300x1500mm, bottom 8mm, side 6mm
Loading Capacity 100,000kg
Dimension 11500x2560x3450mm

The specification of 100 ton end dump trailers only for your reference, can be customized on request.

Dump Trailers Parts Brand

The 100 ton end dump trailers axle adopt the FUWA brand, also can optional the BPW, ZY etc brand. The tire of dump trailers use the TRIANGLE brand, can optional the LINGLONG, CHENGSHAN brand tire. JOST brand support leg and tractor pin is standard optional. Our TRUCKMAN dump trailers all parts adopt the durable brand, 5 times longer than ordinary dump trailers. And comes with a 1 year or 100,000 kilometer warranty.

End Dump Trailers Parts Brand

Dump Trailers U Shape Cargo Box

100 ton end dump trailers cargo box adopt the U shape design, this type cargo box have stability and low center of gravity, etc. U-shaped cross-section compartment with a lower center of gravity of about 200mm for more volume. Adoption of super wear-resistant steel, strength reaches 1300MPa, which is 3-5 times higher than ordinary material carriages. Better impact resistance, wear resistance, fatigue resistance and longer service life.

High-Capacity 100 Ton Semi Dump Trailers for Heavy-Duty Hauling

100 Ton Semi Dump Trailers Advantages

1. The end dump trailers adopt the baking paint process, which has the advantages of acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, and scratch resistance.

2.Cross beams in the middle of the chassis for good torsional resistance and strong load-carrying capacity.

3. Adopt the famous brand parts, with durable quality and in-time after-sale service.

4. With H YVA and other well-known brands of multi-stage hydraulic cylinders, lifting and lowering fast and smooth, more secure and reliable.

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End Dump Trailers For Sale
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